Sweet Moments.

Sweeter Memories.

Our authentic desserts, treats and snacks all have one secret ingredient – the taste of home.

Group 167

Small Batch

Meet the new members of the Raymundos dessert family – small batch flan and rice pudding. Made in small batch kettles with real milk and eggs, each bite of these artisan delights reminds you how much you love abuela’s food.

About Our Products

You may know us as the company that makes America’s #1 selling flan. We also make handcrafted desserts, puddings, gelatins and crème parfaits. We spend time handcrafting the perfect flavors and the most authentic textures, so that you can spend time enjoying togetherness.

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Introduction to Raymundo’s

Just one taste and you’re hooked.

At Raymundo’s, our food sets us apart and brings people together. Our desserts become traditions for busy modern families that still crave authenticity. Available in stores all over the USA, we make being together fun, memorable and colorful.


Food makes memories. Taste and texture are part of the story.  Being the flavor of home is a big responsibility. And we take it seriously – a commitment that made us the #1 selling flan in America.


Our recipes, perfected over 15 years, are made all the better for our premium ingredients, like high quality milk and eggs. Try us, you’ll never buy a different dessert again.


We’ve worked for many years to build a reputation for quality. Never cutting corners, we continue to perfect our desserts, like introducing our newest range of small batch puddings and flans.

Where to find Raymundo’s desserts.

Looking for Raymundo’s desserts? You don’t have to look far. We’re available in most big box stores as well as neighborhood and ethnic grocery stores. And of course, at parties, gatherings and family meals everywhere.