About Us

At Raymundo’s, our recipe for success starts with handcrafted small batches.

At Raymundo’s, small is beautiful.

Our loyal customers agree. Our desserts are top sellers because we focus on quality, not quantity. We’ve spent 15 years perfecting the recipes for our authentically Latino desserts, created in our state-of-the-art facility in Bedford Park, IL.

We combine the best ingredients and traditional recipes, with years of handcrafting skill to make desserts that delight in every bite.

Our family recipes become your family traditions.

Raymundo’s new small batch desserts will remind you of the sweetness of abuela’s kitchen. Our pantry ingredients are blended to create authentic taste and texture.

Generations have grown up loving Raymundo’s puddings, gelatins, flans and cremes.  Start new traditions and celebrate old ones with us.